neu ml

Applying machine learning to solve everyday problems.

NeuML is the company behind txtai, an all-in-one embeddings database for semantic search, LLM orchestration and language model workflows. We are building a suite of applications to bridge the gap between research and production.

We also provide the following services around our stack to help jump start your machine learning journey. Contact us to learn more.

  • Generative AI Build retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), large language model (LLM) orchestration and chat with your data systems
  • AI-driven Literature Analysis Automate analysis of unstructured medical, scientific and technical literature
  • Model Development Create AI, Machine Learning and/or NLP models that excel in industry-specific domains
  • Advisory and Strategy Support Leverage our expertise to plan your data, engineering and AI strategy
  • Speaking Engagements Discuss txtai, industry trends, insights and developments in the space with your team
  • Group Training Custom training sessions to learn how to integrate the txtai stack in your environment



txtai project

txtai is an all-in-one embeddings database for semantic search, LLM orchestration and language model workflows. Embeddings databases enable vector search over text, documents, audio, images and video. Workflows integrate large language model (LLM) prompt chains, summarization, transcription, translation and more to build intelligent applications.

txtai provides the following features.

  • 🔎 Vector search with SQL
  • 💡 Pipelines powered by language models
  • ↪️️ Workflows to join pipelines together and aggregate business logic
  • ☁️ Run local or scale out with container orchestration

Want us to host your txtai applications? Then join the preview to learn more.


paperai project

paperai is a semantic search and workflow application for medical/scientific papers. Applications range from semantic search indexes that find matches for medical/scientific queries to full-fledged reporting applications powered by machine learning.

paperai and/or NeuML has been recognized in the following articles:


Getting started with semantic search

Semantic search is a new category of search built on recent advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Large-scale general language models have rapidly pushed the field forward in ways unimaginable only a few years ago. This article gives a brief overview of semantic search and how it contrasts with keyword search.

Getting started with semantic workflows

Semantic workflows transform and find data driven by user intent. Workflows combine machine learning models together to create powerful transformation and processing functions. This article shows how to build workflows with txtai.

Getting started with RAG

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) reduces the risk of generating factually incorrect data by limiting the context in which a Large Language Model (LLM) can generate answers. This article introduces RAG and covers the latest methods available.

What's new in txtai 7.0

txtai 7.0 brings a number of major feature enhancements. This includes the next generation of the semantic graph, graph search, advanced graph traversal and graph RAG. This article covers all the changes.

Meet the team

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David Mezzetti - Founder/CEO

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David Mezzetti founded NeuML to apply machine learning to solve everyday problems. He is leading the way in building open-source, easy-to-use, semantic search and workflow applications.

Dave previously co-founded and built Data Works from the ground up into a 50+ person well-respected software services company. In 2019, Data Works was acquired by E3/Sentinel.

Dave is also an active Medium contributor, his articles have been published with Towards Data Science and Better Programming.